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Wasp Nest Removal Hertfordshire are your leading specialists in the safe and discrete removal of wasps and hornets from their nests throughout the Hatfield area.

We are a local company operating a team of over 20 wasp nest removal technicians working exclusively in their local area. With this level of coverage we can usually provide a same day wasp nest removal service in the AL9 AL10 postcode areas of Hatfield, Brookmans Park, Essendon and North Mymms.

Wasps start to form their nests during the Spring and during this period they are relatively easy to treat but as we move into the Summer months the nests will start to grow and become much more active, at this time they become much more dangerous and more difficult to treat.

Approaching a mature nest can be very dangerous and we would advise anyone without training and the correct protective equipment to leave the jobs to a trained wasp nest removal technician as an agitated nest is likely to lead to an attack which can have serious consequences. Our wasp nest removal technicians in Harpenden have the correct training and experience to deal with the problem safely and efficiently.

Our technician will visit your home or business in the Hatfield area in a time slot designed to fit in with your busy schedule and the first thing we do is undertake a thorough risk assessment of the nests and the nest location. The risk assessment is designed to.

Wasp Nest Removal In Hatfield


Hornet Nest Removal Hatfield


Wasp Nest In Roof Hatfield


The risk assessment and plan for eradication documentation is left with yourself, along with a summary of actions taken, at the completion of the termination.

Treatment Of Wasp Nest In Hatfield

We will use our findings to identify all the entrance points to the wasp nest and use a commercial insecticide that is only available to registered control companies to terminate the nest. The nest is dusted in a fine white powder and wasps returning to the nest will carry the insecticide into the nest killing the wasps within.

We ask customers to stay clear of the nest for a minimum of twelve hours as although the insecticide is fast acting the wasps can remain agitated for a period.
By using the latest innovations in wasp nest termination we can terminate over 97% of nests in a single visit and give you the assurance that if we don’ t succeed in our first visit we will provide a second visit FREE OF CHARGE.

To speak to one of our Hatfield wasp nest removal technicians for some free advice or to book an appointment give us a call today.